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Electronic Waste Management

The problems and challenges of e-waste management in Indonesia can be related to the management and processing of e-waste in Taiwan, which can be improved and utilized in Indonesia.

E-waste Management

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The goal of the E-Waste Management webinar is to facilitate discussion about the challenges, difficulties, and management of e-waste, as well as to share expertise on e-waste management in Taiwan. The webinar began with remarks from Prof. J.C. Liu, director of STIC Taiwan, and Dr. Bambang Pramujati, Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation Collaboration, and ITS Alumni. The webinar session began with a presentation by Prof. Dr. Yulinah Trihadiningrum, MAppSc., ITS on research in Indonesia related to electronic waste management, followed by a presentation by Prof. Ching Hua Lee from Da-Yeh University on the management and processing of electronic waste in Taiwan, and concluded with a presentation about electronic waste by Dr. Jennie Lie from Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.

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