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The Role of Green Innovation and Circular Economy In Sustainable Development Goals

The webinar aims to facilitate the sharing of effective strategies for implementing SDGs, specifically emphasizing green innovation and the circular economy. It also serves as a platform for meaningful discussions among academics, practitioners, and decision-makers on the optimal approaches for implementing SDGs related to green innovation and the circular economy.

The Role of Green Innovation

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      The deputy director of STIC introduced the webinar, highlighting the importance of green innovation, the circular economy, and their environmental implications. The director of BRIN then discussed the research centers in Indonesia and expressed willingness to collaborate with various groups.

      The webinar consisted of two sessions moderated by Jennie Lie. Session I featured presentations by Prof. J.C. Liu and Dr. Neni Sintawardani from BRIN, focusing on sustainable waste and production residue utilization. A question-and-answer session followed, which was well-received by the attendees, and in Session II, industry speakers Kasman,, and Rifan Mashuri, S.H., shared their sector's actions and support towards a circular economy, emphasizing waste processing and utilization. The webinar concluded that achieving a green and circular economy requires collaboration from academia, industry, government, and society. Please refer to the attached list for the participants' enthusiastic questions.

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