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Solvent Recovery

Solvent Recovery

As part of the STIC-CIGER initiative, knowledge and technology transfer between Taiwan and Indonesia are prioritized. To facilitate this, the consortium will conduct a focus group discussion (FGD) specifically on "Solvent Recovery" to accomplish their objectives. Indonesia already has an existing program called PROPER (Program Penilaian Peringkat Kinerja Perusahaan Dalam Pengelolaan Lingkungan), which assesses companies' environmental management performance. The program categorizes industries into poor, moderate, high, and outstanding performance based on the analysis results. The industry sector in Indonesia requires various innovations to effectively manage their environment and waste. Meanwhile, Taiwanese innovations in solvent management within the industry can potentially be shared and implemented.



        The event commenced with a presentation by Irji Amrullah Adam, FS. Eng, who serves as the Technology, Project & Technical Director of PT. Insania Energi. His presentation focused on solvent recovery in the industry, specifically discussing the recovery of hexane. He elaborated on the different types of solvents, the methods employed for solvent recovery in the industry, and their practical implementation. The second speaker, Mr. Regan Chen, Manager of Revivegen Environmental Technology Co. Ltd, presented their company's approach to recovery solutions and the treatment of other solute waste. He provided insights into their processes, facility, and their commitment to fostering a circular economy.

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