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Director General of MOST Taiwan visiting for Research and Education Program of Taiwan-Indonesia

(From left to right: Director of STIC-CEGIR, Director General of MOST, President of Taiwan Tech, WMSCU scholar)

Taiwan, 20 June 2022

The director general of the Department of International Cooperation and Science Education of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Taiwan, Tom Chih-Cheng Yeh, visited the President of Taiwan Tech (NTUST), Professor Jia-Yush Yen, to discuss on Taiwan cooperation in science and education. It was focusing on the international cooperation in research and education with countries in Southeast Asia and the prospective contribution of MOST for Taiwan research collaboration and networking. Knowing that NTUST has started the establishment of an innovation research center with Institut Teknologi Surabaya (ITS) and Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University (WMSCU), namely Science and Technology Innovative Center for Circular Economy and Green Innovative Resources (STIC-CEGIR). Also present in the discussion, the vice president of NTUST as well as the director of STIC-CEGIR, Professor J.C. Liu, and a scholar from WMSCU, Jenni Lie, who is on a research visit to Taiwan Tech. They explained the STIC-CEGIR collaboration activities so far such as webinars on waste management and utilization, also the goal of STIC-CEGIR to encourage the research collaborations between academia, private sectors, non-governmental organization (NGO), and nonprofit organization (NPO) for real implementation through technology transfer from Taiwan to Indonesia. It is hoped that this meeting can be the beginning of the better development of MOST research and education program for Indonesia and Taiwan.

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