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From Waste to Resource 2 - STIC Team's Visit to Revivegen Environmental Technology Co.

The STIC visited the Revivegen Environmental Technology Co. which is located in Liuying Environmental Technology Park, Tainan, Taiwan. The company mainly focuses on the circular economy, which uses batch distillation processes to recycle waste solvents from the semiconductor and panel industries, remanufacture them into industrial-grade solvents, and to resell them for the reuse in other industries. In terms of the bottom residue from the distillation column, the company incinerated it in the rotary kiln incinerator, and the steam generated from the incinerator is not only used in the distillation operation in its own factory, but the remaining steam is resold to other companies in the industrial area, as well as power generation for its own use. It is indeed a typical circular economy company that converts waste solvents into various energy resources for recycling and reuse. It is worth pointing out that the distillation column, incinerator, and the incinerator waste gas treatment equipment within the process, including Selective Catalytic reactor (SCR), Electrostatic Precipitator (EP), Ceramic bag filter, semi-dry scrubber, etc. are all designed by the company’s supervisors(most of them are the alumni of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology), manufactured by domestic industries, fully possess the core technology. The company has the potential for exporting technology to new southbound countries including Indonesia in the future.

The STIC is honoured to invite Mr. Ali Fauci, Director of Investment Department, and Director of Industry, Winky Angga Priatna of Indonesia Economic and Trade Office (IETO) in Taipei to join our visit. Among them, Director Ali graduated from Indonesia's top Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) with a relevant background in the Department of Chemical Engineering, so he also actively participated in the discussion and fully understood the relevant process, investment amount, and turnover, etc.; They also expressed their excitement toward this visit. The photo shows two Indonesian officers exchanging and discussing technical issues in the waste solvent treatment plant with the STIC team.

Vice president of Revivegen Co. also an alumini of the the Department of Chemical Engineering of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (1993) Mr. Lin Minghsien (1st from right) introducing the factory's rotary kiln incinerator to the visitors. The incinerator uses distillation column bottom residues and other waste solvents as fuel to generate high-temperature and high-pressure steam. In addition to supplying the distillation column and generating its own power, it also provides the steam demand for neighbouring factories.

The picture shows the semi-dry scrubber in the treatment plant. The incinerator, distillation column and semi-dry dust collector in the company's treatment plant are all designed and operated by alumni of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

After the visit, the director of the Indonesian representative office, Winky Angga Priatna, told the company that Indonesia has a huge market in the treatment of waste palm oil and other waste solvents, and there are many oppurtunities that can exchange and cooperate with Taiwan. He also stated that the Indonesian office is willing to provide assistance to the company for recruiting Indonesian technical talents. The company also expressed to Director Winky that Indonesian students in Taiwan and Indonesian engineering talents are welcomed to join the company to explore opportunities toward solvent recycling and circular economy.

The STIC team sincerely thank Vice president Lin for hosting the dinner and ending the fruitful and pleasant itinerary.

Revivegen Co. Introduction
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