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From Waste to Resource 3 - STIC Team's Field Trip to Chung-Tai Resource Technology Corp

The STIC team visited Chung-Tai Resource Technology Corp. which is located in Guanyin Industrial Park, Taoyuan, Taiwan, on May 11th. The company has been involved in the business of treatment and recycle of mercury-containing waste, waste lighting bulb, and waste printed circuit board (PCB), and it plans to install pyrolysis unit to extend its target waste and corresponding markets in 2022. A model and certified resource recycling company, Chung-Tai Resource Technology Corp. has been working closely in a private-public partnership mode with Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to promote resource recycling and reuse practices for the circular economy.

The STIC team with General Manager Amos Chang (third from the right)

We are truly grateful for the warm reception of General Manager Amos Chang who had a guided tour for us around the whole plant of Chung-Tai Resource Technology Corp. In fact, Chung-Tai Resource Technology Corp. is also a certified environmental education filed that welcomes school teachers and students, and concerned citizens. The show room is equipped with some advanced audio-video that impressed every visitor. Not just committed to business sustainability, the company set up a Green Energy and Circular Economy Innovation Center, aiming to share their experiences and lead the others companies, so that the Guanyin Industrial Park becomes a zero-waste one.

General manager Chang introduced the pyrolysis process of the incinerator

The company separates valuable components from waste, and then uses the incinerator to convert residual waste materials to stable end product. In the incineration process, the accompanying heat is recovered. Wastes that are not combustible and do not contain valuable metals will be processed to produce inorganic materials to be reused for construction purposes. One signature treatment unit of the company is the development of a new process for waste lighting bulb recycling, which features 95% of waste recycled and reused, particularly the highly toxic mercury is in high-purity that can be sold for reuse.

After the visit, General Manager Amos Chang stated that our STIC's aims and tasks towards green resources and circular economy is in line with the company’s ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) policy.Therefore, the STIC team is looking forward to collaboration between the Chung-Tai Resource Technology Corp. and Taiwan Tech, as well as with sister universities in Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) and Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya (WMCU), in the near future.General manager Amos Chang will warmly welcome honorable guests from Indonesia, industrial, academia and governmental officials.

General manager Amos Chang introduced the central control room of the incinerator

General manager Amos Chang introduced the glass artworks made from waste lightning bulbs

Chung-Tai Resource Technology Corp Introduction
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