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From Waste to Resource 1 - STIC Team's Visit to Re-Source Technology Co.

Updated: May 16, 2022

Recycling aggregates produced by Re-Source Technology Co.

On 21 December 2021, the STIC team made a visit to Re-source Technology Co. Re-Source Technology Co. is a Taiwanese company which specialises in resource recovery from waste including construction waste, waste foundry sand, slag and waste ceramic tiles. The company is committed to recycling resources, promoting the sustainable development of green building materials and resources, and achieving the goal of sustainable use of resources. The company’s efforts to promote the circular economy system in the construction sector as well as its goal towards the establishment of “regional green construction resource recycling centre” are in line with the STIC’s goals of promoting circular economy and green resources.

Mr Ming-Yi Chen, representative of the Re-Source Technology Co. introduced the company’s business and the related technology to the STIC delegation. In terms of slag and waste foundry sand recycling process, Mr Chen introduced the magnetic separation method which is used for separating metallic iron and iron minerals from steel slag as well as crushing, screening procedures in order to produce the construction aggregate. In addition, Mr Chen also introduced the process of the controlled-low-strength-materials (CLSM) and concrete production.

During the meeting, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Vice President JC Liu conveyed his expectation for the company to explore possible cooperation with Indonesia on the basis of sustainable development promotion in the future. The STIC is also willing to provide assistance to the Re-Source Technology Co. in order to explore the opportunity towards green resource market development in Indonesia

STIC Team and Mr Ming-Yi Chen representative of the Re-Source Technology Co.

Re-source Circular Economy System
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